The firm
Brunello Evaristo, established in 1983, is backed by years of experience in the metal construction industry, particularly in the construction of factory sheds with iron roofs and their maintenance which eventually led to the maintenance of sheet metal work in general and waterproofing membranes, as well.
Our specialization in the more specific field of asbestos abatement arose from the problems we encountered while reroofing buildings. In 1995 we began to acquire all the necessary qualifications for the removal, disposal, remediation of asbestos, as well as insulation removal from tubing and boilers, and restoring functionality after the particular action. All our activities are carried out in compliance with regulations in force, under the aegis of Spisal (Workplace Prevention, Hygiene and Safety Department) and with a specific management qualification (n° 83, issued 20 December 1999) for the remediation and removal of asbestoscontaining materials.
The high quality of our services, regulatory compliance in our work and our methodical approach to technical and procedural innovations is reflected in the ongoing training of our workers. Brunello Evaristo is registered with the National Register of Waste Management, in the following categories:
Category 5 Class F – Collection and transport of hazardous waste
Registration N° VE 01403/O of 6 December 2011
Category 10 Class D - Remediation places and goods containing asbestos
Registration N° VE 01403/O of 29 October 2014